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TaskHero is a game you play by doing your habits and to-dos.

This isn't just some boring "gamified" to-do app; TaskHero was build from the ground up to be a true fantasy RPG adventure!

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iOS Coming Soon


How Does It Work?

TaskHero helps you set up real-world habits and projects you're trying to work on.

Each time you complete these real-world activities, you receive in-game rewards.

But what makes TaskHero different than other trackers?

Driven By Science

Building new habits is extremely tough. Breaking bad habits can be even tougher.

The game experience of TaskHero is designed around the latest psychology behind habit formation and productivity.

Whether you're looking to tracking shopping lists, quit a bad habit, work on a project you're putting off, or develop a morning routine full of healthy habits, TaskHero is designed from the ground up to help you succeed.

A Real Game

In TaskHero, you take the role of an RPG adventurer fighting monsters in the Tasklandia using your todos and habits!

Along the way you'll collect tons of equipment, XP, new abilities to become the most powerful adventurer in all the land!

But be wary, monsters will fight back! Missing due dates will cause monsters to attack you, giving you more reason to stay on top of your todos and habits.

Play With Friends! (Under Construction)

Enjoy playing with friends, or want some extra accountability to your todo/habit list?

In TaskHero, you will be able to form parties with your friends or members of the community, allowing you to take on epic monsters for the rarest of loot!

But be careful, every overdue to-do or habit doesn't just hurt you, it hurts your entire party!


The Best Time to Improve is Right Now

Download TaskHero Today!

download link from the app store

iOS Coming Soon

download link from google play

What is the Beta?


What is the Beta?

TaskHero is being built by a small team who realized that games are some of the most power habit-forming tools in the world.

The goal of this beta is to let small groups of people to try out as we work towards solidifying the final tracking/game features. We will provide a better time estimate for v1.0 as we progress.

But don't let this realistic description dissuade you, TaskHero has a fully functional tracker and game, and if you can download it, that means you're in for the next test!

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